We are excited to introduce a new and invaluable addition to our school's amenities – a dedicated boarding facility! As we continue to strive for excellence and foster a holistic educational experience, we believe that this facility will significantly benefit our students, especially those who travel long distances to attend our school.

Benefits for Students: 
1. Enhanced Educational Opportunities: Our boarding facility will allow students from various regions, even those located far away, to access our world-class education without the challenges of daily commuting. This ensures they can participate fully in academic and extracurricular activities, benefiting from the rich learning environment we provide.
2. Consistency and Routine: For students who travel long distances, maintaining a regular daily routine can be challenging. Boarding at our school ensures they have structured schedules, access to quiet study areas, and academic support, promoting academic success.
3. Supportive Environment: Our dedicated boarding staff is trained to provide supervised study, laundry, catering and many more.
Boarding House 1
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